Yesterday, under the arches of Amsterdam’s world famous Rijksmuseum, The Green Gallery – a magazine celebrating both the beauty and perishableness of nature – was launched. In an enchanted, forest-like setting, the magazine’s content came to life, for one night only.

The famous passageway under the Rijksmuseum was turned into a Green Gallery itself, unlocking the magazine’s surreal online world for a brief moment in time. Its setting and artistic creations treated a wide variety of international journalists and contributors to the best use of flowers – just as the magazine does.

During an extraordinary pop-up dinner, in an estranged wood-like world, flowers and plants were shown as muses, ingredients and more.

Along the lines of fashion, food, art and interior, the magazine’s content literally came to life at the dining table. A dress by fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen and landscape architect Anouk Vogel - made out of old bicycle tires and vases – was showcased hanging above the table from the ‘green ceiling’. Food designer Katja Gruijters created a forestry dining experience, where flowers were used both in the styling and in the menu. Fairytale characters dressed in baroque garments welcomed all guests to the table.

For initiator, the Flower Council of Holland, this is the best launch imaginable for their new digital magazine: “Our aim is to show the beauty of flowers and plants through inspiring, artistic and exciting content. This first issue of The Green Gallery revolves around flowers and offers high-end editorial content”, says brand manager Esther de Waard.

The first issue of The Green Gallery: Flowers

Founding editor Nancy Berendsen sought out collaborations with a wide variety of leading artists and photographers, including Monia Merlo, Luisa Brimble and Koen Hauser. These partnerships resulted in floral features that strike a balance between the modern, the baroque and the raw. Together with the well written editorials and exclusive video content, the first issue will be a trendsetter.

The Green Gallery is available in French, German, English and Dutch can be viewed on desktop, mobile and tablet. The second issue will appear this fall. Plants will be its main theme.

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Launch photography: © Reinier RVDA

Launch video: Steve Iseger x The Green Gallery (

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The online magazine The Green Gallery shows consumers the beauty of flowers and plants in its very own way. Aesthetic, raw, feminine, enchanting and contemporary. The magazine is an online gallery where flowers and plants are shown to be muses for lovers of fashion, food, design, art and interior. The Green Gallery is available in Dutch, French, German and English and will appear several times per year.

The Green Gallery is initiated by The Flower Council of Holland and came to life in the creative hands of Nancy Berendsen, former editor-in-chief of Holland Herald and other Dutch lifestyle magazines.

The Flower Council of Holland promotes flowers and plants to consumers in a number of European countries.